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Welcome to Independence Fleet Command!  We’ve hosted top quality Star Trek online role playing since 2001.  Regardless of what you call it–simming, play-by-post (PbP), play-by-email (PbEm), role play-by-email (RPbE), or even creative writing–this is the place to let your imagination run wild within the Trek universe.


Join one of our exciting adventures below and tell your Star Fleet tale of warping around the galaxy with other Trekkies from across the globe!

USS AlbionNCC-3020
Format: ScriptEra: TNG/DSN/VOY
Type: OpenClass: Galaxy
CO: Captain Dick SpragueJoin!
USS GanymedeNCC-80107
Format: Prose & ScriptEra: Post-Dominion War
Type: TraditionalClass: Luna
CO: Captain Dyllon McMahonJoin!
USS WayfarerNCC-72113
Format: ProseEra: Post-Dominion War
Type: TraditionalClass: Intrepid
CO: Captain Akeno MisakiJoin!
USS LibertyNCC-4003-A
Format: ProseEra: Post-Dominion War
Type: TraditionalClass: Sovereign
CO: Captain Kaylia StrenvaleJoin!
USS WashingtonNCC-81533-E
Format: ProseEra: Post-Dominion War
Type: OpenClass: Sovereign
CO: Captain Shran dh’KlarJoin!
USS Chuck NorrisNCC-4005
Format: Prose & ScriptEra: TNG/DSN/VOY
Type: OpenClass: Defiant
CO: Captain Aurther WintersJoin!
USS SunfireNCC-3935-B
Format: ProseEra: Post-Dominion War
Type: TraditionalClass: Akira
CO: Captain Rhenora KaylenJoin!
Starbase 80The Frontier
Format: ProseEra: Post-Dominion War
Type: TraditionalClass: Starbase
CO: Captain Kathleen O’SheaJoin!
USS EminenceNCC-90008
Format: ProseEra: Picard (2399)
Type: TraditionalClass: Saber
CO: Captain Alex ShepardJoin!
USS MontanaNCC-1889
Format: ProseEra: TOS Movies
Type: OpenClass: Miranda
CO: Captain Jackson AdamsJoin!

What does prose and script mean?

That’s simply the style of writing used for the particular game.  Prose means it’s written in regular language like you would find in a novel or short story.  Script refers to a specific role playing syntax:


Character: (Thoughts.) ::action:: “Dialogue.” =/\=Communicator dialogue.=/\=

Still don’t get it?  Here’s the same line written in each format:

{Planet’s Surface}

John picked the communicator up from the table. He wasn’t sure what to do. “Here goes nothing,” he muttered before speaking into the device.  “Bridge, this is John.”

{Planet’s Surface}

John: ::picks up communicator from the table:: (I’m not sure what to do.) “Here goes nothing.” =/\=Bridge, this is John.=/\=

As you can see, the {Location} tag is frequently used in both formats. Also, the exact syntax will likely vary from sim to sim. Here’s an article from Ongoing Worlds that explains script format in more detail

What’s the difference between traditional and open role playing?

In traditional role playing, you only write for your own character without explicit permission or guidance from other players, generally speaking.  This is how almost all Star Trek simming games usually work.

Open role playing differs in that everyone writes for everyone.  All characters are at your disposal for use with every post.  While this is uncommon in the role playing community, you’ll see a higher number of open role playing sims in Independence Fleet.  Here’s an article from Ongoing Worlds that explains open role playing in more detail.

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