The Independence Fleet Admiralty exists to provide you with the best role playing experience possible. We’re a player-centered fleet always looking to improve while staying true to our past.

There are currently six positions in the Admiralty: Four Department Directors who report to the Chief of Fleet Operations, who in turn reports to the Commander-in-Chief. All sims report to the Chief of Fleet Operations.

Fleet Admiral James D. West
General Executive Director

James D. West is one of the three founders of Independence Fleet and served as its first Commander-in-Chief.  He even coined the Independence Fleet name.  Highly respected as one of the most imaginative and versatile role players in the community, he won the Squiddie Award in 2015.

Admiral Charles Star
Chief of Fleet Operations
Responsible for fleet operations & administration

Charles Star is also one of the three founders of Independence Fleet and has served in various roles over the years.  He additionally runs and supports many community level efforts.  Widely regarded as one of the most innovative and influential role players of all time, he won the Simming Prize in 2016.

Vice Admiral Ken Gillis
Director of Technology
Responsible for IT architecture & infrastructure

Ken Gillis has long been a technical leader and trailblazer within the role playing community.  In the early years, he led RolePlayerUSA, which provided hosting services to many of the top clubs.  He even served as Simming League President in 2002 and later won the Squiddie Award in 2015.

Rear Admiral Sadie Stanton
Director of Art
Responsible for graphics & design

Sadie Stanton is a veteran role player who has served in a number of fleets during her career.  Her artistic talent rarely goes unnoticed as her outstanding work adorns the sites of several groups.  Most recently, she provided all of the graphics for and co-hosted The Simming Endeavor game show.

Rear Admiral Bolak
Director of Media
Responsible for media content & engagement

Bolak, new to simming in 2016, wasted no time in making an impact.  He has been a player and leader in many games across multiple genres on the Ongoing Worlds platform.  Known for his quick wit and imaginative stories, he finished as runner-up on the 2019 Simming Endeavor game show.

Rear Admiral James “Rook” Mirtoh
Director of Personnel
Responsible for awards & recognition

Rook Mirtoh hails from Independence Fleet’s early days, having joined in the first year.  He has served in many capacities and made numerous contributions since.  Known as one of the most talented role players ever, he is the only fleet member to have individually won all five of the fleet’s original awards.