Independence Fleet regularly recognizes its members for outstanding contributions to the fleet, our games, and the greater role playing community. There are four tiers of awards for differing types of action.

TierSeriesForNominated ByApproval Authority
1Hall of FameFormer MembersAnyoneHall of Fame Charter
2Major AwardsCurrent MembersAnyoneCommander-in-Chief
3Monthly AwardsCurrent MembersSim COsDirector of Personnel
4Sim AwardsCurrent MembersVaries by SimSim COs

Hall of Fame

Induction into the Hall of Fame, which has been in existence since 2011, is the highest honor in Independence Fleet. Eligibility requirements and the nomination & approval process can be found in the Hall of Fame Charter (pdf).

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See the Hall of Fame tab of the IDF Record Book (Google spreadsheet)

Major Awards

Major awards are the highest honors presented to active members of Independence Fleet.

Distinguished Service Medal

Command Excellence Medal

Special Commendation Medal

For for achievement above and beyond the call of duty at the Admiralty level

For achievement above and beyond the call of duty at the sim Commanding Officer level

For achievement above and beyond the call of duty at the sim Crewmember level

Since 2012

Since 2013*

Since 2022

Anniversary Medal

Awarded to all active fleet members as of July 4, 2001/06/11/16/21

Since 2021

*The Excellence in Service Medal was renamed and reconfigured as the Command Excellence Medal in 2020

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See the Major Awards tab of the IDF Record Book (Google spreadsheet)

Monthly Awards

Each month Independence Fleet presents eight awards to crewmembers throughout the fleet for role playing excellence. Commanding Officers make nominations, and then the Director of Personnel selects the winners. The winners are typically announced by the 15th.

Best Post

Funniest Post


For writing the most outstanding post

For writing the most humorous post

For writing the best mission-starting post

Since July 2001

Since July 2001

Since September 2002


Most Posts

Most Improved

For the best overall performance

For writing the highest total number of posts

For the most improved performance over the prior month

Since July 2001

Since July 2001

Since October 2001

Rookie of the Month



For the best performance of everyone new to role playing

For efforts to recruit new players to the fleet

For any one-time or discontinued award

Since October 2001

Since July 2001


Independence Fleet is currently awarding two Best Post awards each month: one for a single author post and one for a joint post.

Sim Commanding Officers are only eligible for the Genesis award and the Best Post (Joint Post).

Joint post winners of Best Post, Funniest Post, and the Genesis award receive the award equivalent of one divided by the number of authors (1 / # of authors). For ceremonial purposes, all award fraction totals round up to the next highest whole number.

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See the Monthly Awards tab of the IDF Record Book (Google spreadsheet)

Sometimes we even give real prizes for these!

Sim Awards

Commanding Officers of Independence Fleet role plays are free to create their own internal awards systems to recognize the achievements of their crews. These awards are not archived at the fleet level.