Choosing the right sim to join can be overwhelming. We get it! That’s why we’ve created the table below where you can sort through all of our games to find the one that’s best for you. Click the name of the role play in the “Join!” column to go directly to its application.

FormatTypeEraClassJoin Here!
BothOpenTNG/DSN/VOYDefiantChuck Norris
ProseTraditionalPost-Dominion WarLunaChurchill
ProseTraditionalStar Trek: PicardSaberEminence
ProseTraditionalPost-Dominion WarDiligentFirebird
ProseTraditionalPost-Dominion WarSovereignLiberty
ProseTraditionalTOS MoviesMirandaMontana
ProseTraditionalPost-Dominion WarAkiraSunfire
ProseOpenPost-Dominion WarSovereignWashington
BothTraditionalPost-Dominion WarIntrepidWayfarer

Prose = typical language of a novel or short story
Script = role playing syntax similar to a movie script (see this Ongoing Worlds article)
Both = uses Prose & Script formats

Traditional = players only write for their own characters (this is how most role plays work)
Open = all players write for all characters (see this Ongoing Worlds article)

Task Force Alpha
Task Force Bravo
Task Force Delta
Task Force Omega
Task Force doesn’t really matter. We just think the colors are cool.

If that still doesn’t work, feel free to use the contact form and we’ll work with you to find that perfect role play.


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