Spot Special Commendation Medal 2023

It’s been more than a year since the last major awards were presented. Here is our fourth Special Commendation Medal, which is awarded for achievement above and beyond the call of duty at the crewmember level.

Special Commendation Medal

Awarded to Lieutenant Commander Shoniara T’ghann-Travis (previously known as Shoniara T’ghann Dex before her marriage in-story) of the USS Washington for sustained superior role playing. Using her encyclopedic knowledge of Trek, she effortlessly writes detailed posts and collaborates with others to tell truly immersive stories within the canon. In the nearly two years since her first post on August 19, 2021, she has tallied 9.33 total awards, good for 13th place all-time, which includes one MVP and five Most Posts.

0 thoughts on “Spot Special Commendation Medal 2023

  • Lindsay Wright says:

    Oh my, I am SO thrilled to receive this. I have spent 30 years immersed in the Trek world. First TNG and then the wonderful DS9, Enterprise, the many movies and now on to New Worlds and Picard.
    I cannot count the number of conventions my darling husband Keith, now sadly departed from Covid, and I have enjoyed and the number of wonderful friends we made and the stars we met. Now as illness denies me this pleasure and many others, I find my Star Trek joy in writing with such a diversity of wonderful people, and I thank every one of them for their flair, enthusiasm and especially their kindness, love and encouragement to me. I thank you all Stars everyone of you.
    ‘Hailing frequencies out Captain.’

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