23rd Anniversary Webcast: July 6th at 7pm Eastern

Beam up to our Discord server this Saturday, July 6th at 7pm Eastern for our 23rd Anniversary Webcast, hosted again by Ken Gillis. Again, that’s July 6th at 7:00 PM ET (-4) / July 7th at 12:00 AM BST (+1). And yes, it will once more include real prizes!

Everyone who won any share of a monthly award from June 2023 through May 2024 had name added to the big wheel below, which we will spin this Saturday for real prizes. All award fractions were rounded up.

Speaking of the big prize wheel, an internal audit of our blog revealed that we never announced the winners from last year’s webcast spin. They were Lieutenant Bonnie “Bon-Bon” Durnell of the USS Sunfire and Captain Shran dh’Klar of the USS Washington. Their prizes were…

What will the prizes be this year? Tune in this Saturday to find out!

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