Monthly Awards: March 2022

Congratulations to our March award winners below.

Best Post (Single Author)

Lieutenant Aiko Kato
Flight Control Officer
USS Washington

For “The Truth Will Set You Free”

Lt. Kato wins for the second month in a row and the fifth time in six months–incredible! This is a lovely post, with vivid descriptions of both emotion and the environment. Well done!

Best Post (Joint Post)

Lt. Cmdr. Michael Murphy & Capt. Jackson Adams & Lt. Seth Munro & Lt. T’Ponga Shemara
USS Montana

For “A Doubtful Friend Is Worse Than A Certain Enemy”

This one is interesting, with a sense of anticipation from the crew as they meet the Klingons, many of them for the first time.

Funniest Post

Commander Samantha Howard
Chief Medical Officer
USS Washington

For “The Sounds of Silence”

Rest, finally! We all can relate.


Captain Shran dh’Klar
Commanding Officer
USS Washington

For “Mission Diverted”

Short and sweet, allowing the crew to do the writing. I like it!


Lieutenant Raelyn Mckenzie
Chief Security/Tactical Officer
USS Wayfarer

Lt. Mckenzie really stepped up into the Second Officer spot. She is always quick to participate, offer suggestions, and help others by opening up opportunities for fellow writers.

Most Posts

Commander Finchley Kerr
Chief Strategic Operations Officer
USS Sunfire

For writing 15 posts.

Most Improved

Lieutenant Niali Korial
Chief Medical Officer
USS Sunfire

Lt. Korial’s writing has advanced to the point where she’s one of the top contributors to the sim. Her posts are always imaginative and open doors for others.

Rookie of the Month

Lieutenant Seth Munro
Chief Medical Officer
USS Montana

The Montana’s new CMO hit the group running. His posts are funny, interesing, and revelant all at the same time.


Lt. Cmdr. Dean House and Lt. Cmdr. Sandra “Phantom” Risa
USS Sunfire

Each player recruited a new member to the Sunfire. Excellent work!

1/4 of 2022 is now in the books!