Monthly Awards: March 2020

Rook Mirtoh, your friendly neighborhood Director of Personnel here. It’s been a number of years since I was last in the IDF Admiralty. So many that I’ve lost count! Regardless, I’m back and so is IDF. March was a great month with many great posts and performances. Alas, we don’t have enough awards to honor everyone who is doing excellent things with us today. However, we can honor these outstanding members of the fleet.

Best Post

Cmdr. Jonathan Grayson (XO)
& Lt. Cmdr. N’Sachzny P’Glosho (CSTO)
USS Washington

For “Meeting old friends?”
Beautifully written, an in depth look at the characters, history, and politics. Well done!

Funniest Post

Lt. Cmdr. V’Setħ Borġ
Chief Science Officer
USS Chuck Norris

For “Reporting at Starfleet for duty”
An officer with a last name Borg would invite all kinds of raised eyebrows!


Capt. Dyllon McMahon
Commanding Officer
USS Ganymede

For “It’s Quiet Uptown”
A compelling scene of heroism and action to get the creative juices flowing for a new mission. Makes me want to write!


Cmdr. Aurther Winters
Executive Officer
USS Chuck Norris

For jumping right in on the new website in his old role as XO and posting a fleet-high of 6 posts, all helping set the tone for what’s coming. Already stepping up as a leader and getting new crew integrated.

Most Posts

Cmdr. Aurther Winters
Executive Officer
USS Chuck Norris

For writing 6 posts.

Most Improved

Lt. Cmdr. N’Sachzny P’Glosho
Chief Security/Tactical Officer
USS Washington

For excellent writing, inclusiveness, and her spirit of adventure.

Rookie of the Month

Lt. Mackenzie Graham
Chief Medical Officer
USS Ganymede

For the most activity and passion of the new crew. She has written several posts and spearheaded multiple joint posts.


Marine Capt Be’Lana Sok’Mat
Executive Officer
USS Sanctuary

For recruiting one new crewmember to the USS Sanctuary.

Congratulations to all of our winners. Good luck to everyone for April and keep simming!