Monthly Awards: June 2022

Congratulations to those who won some real prizes at our annual gift drawing earlier this month. Here’s the first group to place their names on the big wheel for next year…

Best Post (Single Author)

Commander Samantha Howard
Chief Medical Officer
USS Washington

For “Progress”

Writing for doctors can be difficult, without constantly employing a deus ex machina to solve a problem. Spending time writing about the thinking process and coming up with a creative solution is sometimes the best kind of medical post. Love this one!

Best Post (Joint Post)

Capt. Rhenora Kaylen & Lt. Cmdr. Dean House & Lt. Ashlesha 4827/A & Ens. Kitiuas Thenis
CO / 2O / COO / SO
USS Sunfire

For “Bridge Crew”

This is a very interesting subject, not seen often in Trek posts, which kept me engaged. Well written, seamless even though multiple folks contributed, and just the right mix of personal interactions with technical jargon. Well done!

Funniest Post

Lieutenant Nerex
Flight Control Chief
USS Eminence

For “Fun During Downtime”

Ok, intentionally flying a shuttle into a black hole and dying over and over again is inherently funny!


Captain Shran dh’Klar
Commanding Officer
USS Washington

For “Unexpected Adventure”

Unexpected, yes, and a perfect way to get the crew going.


Lieutenant JG Luna Eclipse of the House of Martok
Flight Control Officer
USS Wayfarer

Lt. jg. Luna has really developed her character in a short amount of time. She expertly writes the clash of the Human/Klingon slides while easily incorporating it into the mission with the rest of the crew. A great teammate!

Most Posts

Lieutenant Anna Thesia
Chief Medical Officer
USS Sunfire

For writing 10 posts.

Most Improved

Lieutenant Ashlesha 4827/A
Chief Operations Officer
USS Sunfire

Still relatively new to the Sunfire, Lt. Ashlesha continues to involve herself in all matters of the mission and consistently offers great ideas and well written posts. She is also super easy to work with, which is always a plus.

Rookie of the Month

None this month


None this month

It’s hard to believe this crazy group we call IDF has now been around for 21 whole years. Here’s to 21 more!

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