Today in Trek History…

If you’ve been here for any length of time, you know we’re pretty big on anniversaries. However, it’s not just about our own. Indeed, the My Favorite Trek series from our early days was the inspiration behind the 2016 Star Trek’s 50th Anniversary: Your Favorite Trek article over at Ongoing Worlds. If you’re a serious Trekkie, you might already know that today’s a pretty important day too! But if not, we have a special guest to fill you in:


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  • Joseph (Capt. Shran) says:

    Another fun video shout out. It is an important date in Trek history, and really, Trek history and our Fleet history are pretty well entangled. I do remember the first My Favorite Trek, and I remember most of the reoccurrences of the article over the years (because I’m old and been here forever, I know). Hope everyone enjoys whatever in Trek excites you, and hope you enjoy everything the Fleet brings you as well.

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