20th Anniversary Message & Almanac

It’s finally here: The 20th anniversary of the founding of this great club. Who knew back on July 4, 2001 that this group, launched with humble beginnings on Angelfire and YahooGroups, would not only still be around today, but standing among the titans of simming?

Independence Fleet has seen good times, bad times, and everything in between. Throughout it all, we’ve endured to create some of the best Star Trek role playing the Internet has ever witnessed. With that in mind, we have an important message from a very special guest:

In honor of this historic and momentous occasion, we hereby publish the Independence Fleet 20th Anniversary Almanac. It’s 20 pages of history, games, perspectives from the fleet, and more:

Whether you’ve been a member for one day or all 20 years, this legacy belongs to you! On behalf of the entire IDF Admiralty, we hope you thoroughly enjoy today’s message, almanac, and everything this fleet offers.

Let’s continue to tell our story…

EDIT (July 14, 2021): Anniversary Almanac Answers

0 thoughts on “20th Anniversary Message & Almanac

  • Extremely well written and a classic collection of information that shows just where we’ve come from and the joy of where we are heading.

  • Wow and wow. I couldn’t hardly believe the video when it started – the perfect message from a living legend. Then the pdf doc was beautifully written to cover the fleet’s history plus some fun. I can’t wait to dive into it some more.

  • Joseph aka Shran dh'Klar says:

    Excellent work on the almanac. Amazed with the anniversary video message. Don’t know how you managed to get Frakes, but well done. I look forward to the next twenty years of simming here at IDF.

  • AMAZING!!!! How did you get Frakes??? The “almanac” was great also, I especially enjoyed going through the history and the old banners. The statements from members show how special this fleet truly is. I’ve already started on the fleet crossword but I’m missing a few answers.

  • Courtney Appleton says:

    This is really incredible from the Commander Riker video to every page of the document. I enjoyed reading all of it and I’m not even a member of this fleet. I might decide to join.


  • What can I say, that was unbelievable! Having Frakes deliver the message was priceless then the almanac has been a very enjoyable read. I love reading about our history and seeing how everyone fits together to make this a great fleet.

  • This is incredible, getting Frakes and then a doc going over your entire history but in a fun not at all boring way. Great ideas and two thumbs up for execution!

  • Holy Cow!! A friend pointed me to this post and it didn’t disappoint. First, Frakes!!! Then the almanac pdf, I don’t get all of it because I’m not a member of this group but I can see how rewarding it is to those that are members. I wish more groups would do things like this, it makes it all worth it.

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