Wordle: Independence Fleet Style

Wordle. I don’t need to say much more as you’ve almost certainly heard of it. You’ve probably even played it! But on the outside chance that you don’t know anything about it, I’ll quote from Wikipedia:

Wordle is a web-based word game created and developed by Welsh software engineer Josh Wardle, and owned and published by The New York Times Company since 2022. Players have six attempts to guess a five-letter word, with feedback given for each guess in the form of colored tiles indicating when letters match or occupy the correct position.”

-Wikipedia entry for Wordle

I also happened to stumble upon this website that allows you to create your own Wordle games. So why not create a few for Independence Fleet? Well, here they are, 10 Wordles on words or topics related to Independence Fleet:

  1. https://mywordle.strivemath.com/?word=bzvhe
  2. https://mywordle.strivemath.com/?word=yvlfv
  3. https://mywordle.strivemath.com/?word=fodhd
  4. https://mywordle.strivemath.com/?word=odrfp
  5. https://mywordle.strivemath.com/?word=yvzhq
  6. https://mywordle.strivemath.com/?word=sfzwp
  7. https://mywordle.strivemath.com/?word=ohfuj
  8. https://mywordle.strivemath.com/?word=wkruo
  9. https://mywordle.strivemath.com/?word=aarlw
  10. https://mywordle.strivemath.com/?word=uoyrz

I’ve also created a similar article for the intersimming organization Ongoing Worlds if you’re interested. Warning: words #6 through #10 are the same on both lists. Regardless, enjoy! Or go create your own Wordle puzzles.

Happy Halloween!

It’s worth no money and its creator is indifferent, but the participants find it invaluable.

  1. My name was changed at the 11th hour.
  2. I’m not a Titan.
  3. I immediately traveled through three in three.
  4. The first here was not actually the original.
  5. I’m a person, not a place.
  6. No, you don’t get a clue.
  7. My initial class was Bedford.
  8. I’m famous from Lower Decks.
  9. I’m the only one of my generation.
  10. A reference to my joining.

Happy Halloween, everyone!

20th Anniversary Message & Almanac

It’s finally here: The 20th anniversary of the founding of this great club. Who knew back on July 4, 2001 that this group, launched with humble beginnings on Angelfire and YahooGroups, would not only still be around today, but standing among the titans of simming?

Independence Fleet has seen good times, bad times, and everything in between. Throughout it all, we’ve endured to create some of the best Star Trek role playing the Internet has ever witnessed. With that in mind, we have an important message from a very special guest:

In honor of this historic and momentous occasion, we hereby publish the Independence Fleet 20th Anniversary Almanac. It’s 20 pages of history, games, perspectives from the fleet, and more:

Whether you’ve been a member for one day or all 20 years, this legacy belongs to you! On behalf of the entire IDF Admiralty, we hope you thoroughly enjoy today’s message, almanac, and everything this fleet offers.

Let’s continue to tell our story…

EDIT (July 14, 2021): Anniversary Almanac Answers

Star Trek Character Search

Hidden within this nonsense article are 25 names of popular Star Trek characters. Can you find them all?

Greyfriars Kirkyard in Edinburgh, Scotland is fabled to be the home of the scottish faeries. While some consider the legends to be part of ancient Scottish lore, others consider them to be the result of a drunken Scot typing nonsense to sell cheap local literature. Old Jimmy Price is recognised as the author of most contemporary prints and evidence of his historical research can be found in the old mans pocketbook which is on display in Edinburgh public library.

Old Jimmy Price made millions from his local tall tales and bought himself a Lamborghini with the profits from the first volume. The second edition was even more popular that the first allowing him to say “adieu Huracan” and “bonjour” to a brand new Porche 911. He would often be found sitting in one of his expensive cars tucking into a bag of ready salted McCoys.

Old Jimmy was also something of a politician and had the french consul under his influence due to an overhead Back handed jibe made by the frenchman at a local function. He used his influence to fund the opening of a zoo where he cared for a varied menagerie. It was during these years that he began his famous treaties on the natural sciences making ground breaking observations such as; 

When feeding platypi, cardboard containers are prefered due to the animals aversion to plastics. He discovered that feeding a penguin an icecube was an excellent way to facilitate egg production and through lengthy observations of his pet Kestral Jane, discovered the in workings of the birds mind through the application of Odorless Ordifal oil to the feeding trough. If you study the data it will show Orfidal is often prescribed to treat anxiety. Unfortunately his discoveries were cut short when one day his assistant gave Jane way too much of the oil and she sadly died.

Jimmy Price was indeed an accomplished man. A man’s man. He was an expert archer, a superb swordsman with an ability to strike right on time to deal the finishing blow. He was an expert fisherman and once caught a prize winning pike which he kept over his fireplace in pride of place next to his ancient scottish Blood axe. In his latter years he moved his field of interest into the sciences and discovered that the centroid or geometric center of a plane figure is the arithmetic mean position of all the points in the figure before concluding that a quark is a type of elementary particle and a fundamental constituent of matter. He was however until his dying day a terrible cook and could even  burn ham if not properly supervised.

Fame came at a price however and it took the form of his older brother George. Quite simply Jimmy made George ordinary and uninteresting by comparison. Turning up to his older brothers 60th birthday party Jimmy made the bash irrelevant as the friends and family ignored the birthday boy to flock around Jimmy to hear his latest tall tales of adventure and accomplishment. So incensed was George that he invited his brother on a trip and while traveling he attacked and killed the poor fellow placinging his body in a mechanical crusher to hide his crime.

Until this day the body of Jimmy Price has never been found, though rumours abound of his grizzly fate.

Happy Hunting!

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