Monthly Awards: March 2023

With the year nearly 1/3 over, the year’s total awards are hereby 1/4 presented:

Best Post (Single Author)

Lieutenant JG Patra Rommel
Chief Flight Control Officer
USS Wayfarer

For “Coming to grips with true love”

A follow-up to last month’s best post: Sweet nothings.

Best Post (Joint Post)

Capt. Shran dh’Klar & Cmdr. Jonathan Grayson & Cmdr. Samantha Howard & Lt. Cmdr. Shoniara T’ghann-Travis & Lt. Cmdr. Callie Raven-Grayson & Ens. T’Plana-hath & Ens. James Phoenix & Lt. Seth Travis
CO / XO / CMO / ACMO / CC / IO / TO / CDO
USS Washington

For “Everything Everywhere All at Once”

Lots going on in this post! Way to keep it all together!

Funniest Post

Marine Captain Emily Janeway
Marine Commanding Officer
USS Albion

For “Debriefing on the issue of cargo transport failed”

Good one.


Captain Shran dh’Klar
Commanding Officer
USS Washington

For “Signal Mystery”

Great way to get things going.


Lieutenant JG Patra Rommel
Chief Flight Control Officer
USS Wayfarer

Excellent writing and teamwork! She stayed engaged and found ways to help the plot even though her character wasn’t with the rest of the crew on Risa. True talent!

Most Posts

Commander Jonathan Grayson
Executive Officer
USS Washington

For writing 10 posts.

Most Improved

Ensign Kitiuas Thenis
Science Officer
USS Sunfire

One of the newer members of the Sunfire, Thenis steps up with month some quality posts and helping others get involved.

Rookie of the Month

None this month.


None this month.

I also want to comment on the retro version of the IDF website earlier this month. While our website no longer looks like this, it’s amazing to think that these awards that we started in month one of July 2001 are still going strong today thanks to all the great writing from YOU!

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