My Favorite Trek: Jackson Adams

Character Name: Jackson Adams

Rank: Captain

Sim: USS Montana 

Position: Commanding Officer 

Favorite Star Trek episode? 
This is a toss up between three shows. 
1) TOS: “Mirror, Mirror”
2) ENT: “Broken Bow”
3) DSC: “Such Sweet Sorrow”

In my opinion, all three of these episodes embodied the idealism that Gene Rodenberry desired to impart on Star Trek Fans (and really the world).   

Favorite Star Trek series? 
This is also a toss up between The Original Series and Enterprise. 

The original series was Gene’s original vision, and I grew up watching them repeatedly. Today, I own a particular Blu-ray set that is just great. On the other hand, Enterprise took us to a place we never thought possible at the time: the beginnings of the Federation. Enterprise reminded us that the start of something grand, rather it be a country or an ideal, is not always clean. There are messes and growing pains.

Along this line of thinking, Captain Archer learned that not everything was clear cut and the world was not as he thought. We, as humans, tend to think we are usually correct, and this series reminds us that (at times) we must expand our thinking to grow and accept the changes around us. I am not good with change, but–as crazy as it seems—sometimes I think, “If Captain Archer could change, so can I.” That is the beauty of Star Trek; it challenges OUR outlooks on life and causes us, at times, to question it. This is what, in my opinion, Gene Roddenberry wanted for the fans of this beautiful show. 

Favorite Star Trek film? 
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

Put simply, I think Star Trek II challenged the world view on growing older and, of course, death. It reminds us, as Spock said in Star Trek VI, that everything changes and ends. While Star Trek found away to save Spock, Kirk had to deal with his own ideals on life, death, and even family. This movie was, in my humble opinion, Star Trek at its best. That is why this film will always live in my heart. 

Favorite Star Trek Captain? 
Again, a toss up between Captain Archer and Kirk. 

What year did you start simming? 
I have been simming off and on since about 1992. 

What sim was it? 
Starships of the Third Fleet. The people which ran that club have since passed on and, if I had it my way, I would purchase it from their son. There is a site for them now, and they even have some of the old missions posted but the club is mostly gone. It is sad because I had a lot of fun there. 

What keeps you simming today? 
I enjoy the vision of Star Trek and the ideal of escaping life in the real world, even for just a few minutes at a time, has an appeal to me. 

Favorite non-simming hobby? 
Running. I do a lot of this today and I seem to be increasing as time goes along. Staying health became a mission of mine about a year ago and I have lost a lot of weight. I plan to keep moving down that path. 

Favorite non-Trek series? 
There are really three of them: (1) Quantum Leap, (2) the Original Law and Order, and (3) Knight Rider. 

Favorite non-Trek film? 
The Beverly Hills Cop Series. I have owned those movies for years, and I even went to the expense of purchasing them in 4K this year. Not many non-science fiction shows are worth purchasing in 4K but these series of movies are beautiful in this new format. 

Favorite book (fiction or non)? 
Fiction: The Rise of the Federation Series (if you have not read them, you are truly missing out). 

Favorite video game? 
I do not have one as gamming is not really my thing. 

Favorite musician or band? 
80’s music. I was born in the 70s and raised in the 80s. To me, the 80’s was a special time that is forever gone. 

Favorite superhero? 

If you could have any super power, what would it be? 
The ability to read minds. I hate it when I walk up on people and they stop talking. I would love to saying something like, “Yeah, I agree with you about….”

Favorite sport? 
Football, although I have not kept up with it the last few years. 

Favorite team? 

Favorite food? 
Mexican Food. 

Coke or Pepsi? 
Of course, Diet Pepsi….

Lennon or McCartney? 

Favorite Bond actor? 
Roger Moore

Star Trek or Star Wars? 
Star Trek 

Rank the Trek TV shows from best to worst.

Rank the Trek movies from best to worst.
ST (2009)

Our 100th Blog Post!

What an exciting bit of Independence Fleet news that I get the opportunity to share with you all. This very post marks the 100th blog post since IDF launched the new website on February 29, 2020. That’s a lot of blogging and I am delighted that these 100 posts have been mostly celebratory and honoring our members.

Ironically, we also have 100 blog comments so far. It is always nice to receive comments from the IDF community. It makes every blog post all the more wonderful and though my work schedule the past few months derailed my involvement, I am glad to be part of the fleet in this capacity. I don’t know where we will be 100 more blog posts down the road, but it undoubtedly will be a great journey with you all.

Let’s have a look at some blog statistics:

Charles Star50
James “Rook” Mirtoh32
Ken Gillis5
James West4
Heather Meadows3

Stay tuned for more exciting IDF news and blog posts!

April Fools’ 2022: Imperial Defense Fleet

With a long a illustrious history in the simming community, Independence Fleet has been a bedrock for quality Star Trek role playing for over twenty years. Although IDF’s leadership works hard to ensure our members have several games to suit their role playing needs, we also know how to have fun, and what better day to enjoy our brand of humor than on April’s Fools’ Day. For those of you who have been part of IDF for a while, you know that April Fools’ Day jokes have become a pretty big tradition around here.  We’ve done World Wide Sims, the classic 1990s simming website, and Super Space Command 3000.  Actually, we’ve done Super Space Command 3000 three different times–no one said we were original!  For those of you new to IDF this year, your introduction was our, er, rebranding where we took on a new menacing moniker.

Additionally, what we included for our humorous 2022 was the spectacular trial and banishment of our fleet CO–this is simming after all!  And then added for good measure, a good ole’ useless administrative burden for sim COs, complete with threats of facing JAG.  All in good humor, but these whimsical jokes mirror the real-life history of dozens of simming fleets (sadly including even this one at times), fleet XO Ken Gillis overthrew fleet CO Charles Star and installed Joseph “Stealth” Carroll as his JAG Magistrate…  just in case you missed it! These were all great ‘Easter eggs’ for those of you who have been around the community and witnessed some of the ludicrous events that have unfolded in past years outside of IDF.

Here are some of actual statements Admiral Star received in response to the gag:

  • “Loving this year’s prank by the way! I was hoping Super Space Command 3000 would have made a come back.”
  • “Were you kicked out of Independence fleet?” 
  •  “Are you really in trouble?”
  • “Hahaha you got me.”
  • “Let me know if you need any help.”
  • “Apparently I was fooled by Ken on April fools day. He got me good!”
  • “What happened?”
  • “I just remembered what day it is. April 1st.”

And here are a few of the quotes from our Discord server:

  • “Qapla!”
  • “Wrong Empire, but you got the spirit!”
  • Long live the Empire…”
  • “I see we have a new Grand Admiral. I guess it was going to happen eventually.”
  • “JAG got more positions [open], or just the Director?
  • “I am always looking for Inquisitors.”
  • “Long Live the new IDF Empire!! I expect sims that post less than 300 posts a month will be immediately shut down and mothballed? Right?”
  • “You had me going for a while there.”
  • “I was around IDF in 2003 when Federal Appeals Court Judge, Lance Stiffler, had ruled that due to copyright law IDF could no longer be affiliated with ‘Star Trek’ and so had to change its name to Super Space Command 3000. I can’t believe that joke is almost 20 years old now!”

Thank you again to Ken Gillis for planning and organizing this year’s joke, and a special thanks to Charles Star and Joseph “Stealth” Carroll for playing along and being great sports. On behalf of the Imperial Defense Fleet, I hope everyone else enjoyed it! I can’t wait to see what tomfoolery that is in store for 2023 and remember: “Forget the ring! The ring is bupkis! I found it in a Cracker Jack box!

My Favorite Trek: Dean House

In our continued series of My Favorite Trek, I have had the delight of interviewing Dean House of the USS Sunfire. Let’s have a look at the starship Sunfire’s Chief Tactical Officer, currently Acting Executive Officer.

Name: Dean House (aka Angelus)
Rank: Commander
Sim: USS Sunfire
Position: Chief Tactical Officer
Other Characters: N/A

Favorite Star Trek episode? “Lower Decks” Star Trek: The Next Generation. Season 7, Episode 15
Why? It’s something that always hit just right. We always know, any of the shows have the main characters and most of the time show cases them. Even though there’s always extras. However, that episode was something that was needed. While the ending was definitely sad. The writing as excellent. Show casing what the ones that actually keep things going do. Their internal struggles, their insecurities. What they want to strive to be. It was a hard choice between this one or “Yesterday’s Enterprise,” but “Lower Decks” wins hands down.
Favorite Star Trek series? Star Trek: The Next Generation.
Why? While I was introduced to TOS in syndicate by my mother, and grandmother. TNG was really more of what I came into when I was a little older and it definitely helped me to work through awkwardness in middle school. Associating more with Wesley Crusher than the other characters. Or maybe Data a little. I’m aware that he gets a bad rap but that’s not really the characters fault really.
Favorite Star Trek film? Star Trek V: The Final Frontier
Why? There’s a lot of controversy over this one. It doesn’t have the greatest writing. The directing was okay. Nothing to write home about. The best thing about it I look at is its underlying message trying to be relayed. Or at least in my opinion. It’s not about Sybok trying to find Sha’kar’ri(or God.) I mean yes, that’s part of the plot. I always have believed it’s all about family. The relationships, the turmoil that they’ve all endured. Life, death, life. How through no matter what, they are always a family and always will be. Family isn’t about blood. Even when Bones always gets mad at Spock and says “You green blooded…in human…(enter explicative here.) We don’t choose our family; we are brought together. That’s the real premise of the movie. In my opinion.
Favorite Star Trek Captain? Always and will always be Kirk.

  • What year did you start simming? 1995.
  • What sim was it? USS Cortez, Email based in UCIP.
  • What keeps you simming today? Stories, the people, the relationships formed between strangers with a common love for a genre. Seeing what else people come up with.
  • Favorite non-simming hobby? [I]Have to go with Video Games. Though I’d love to get back into modeling (plastic ships and the like.)
  • Favorite non-Trek series? Supernatural.
  • Favorite non-Trek film? I have to go with Evolution (2001, David Duchovny) because it was the last movie that I got to go to an actual theatre to with my grandmother and she absolutely loved it, and so do I.
  • Favorite book (fiction or non)? Both fiction and non-fiction.
  • Favorite video game? [The] Final Fantasy Series and Resident Evil Series
  • Favorite musician or band? Non-committal.
  • Favorite superhero? Superman.
  • If you could have any superpower, what would it be? Telepathy.
  • Favorite sport? [I’m] not big into sports, but I guess….Hockey.
  • Favorite team? The Dallas Cowboys.
  • Favorite food? My Deanwiches.
  • Coke or Pepsi? Pepsi.
  • Lennon or McCartney? [I] Don’t particularly care either way
  • Favorite James Bond actor? Sir Sean Connery.
  • Star Trek or Star Wars? Both, for different reasons. Star Trek has more of the base of equality and what this world, universe should be. While Star Wars has lightsabers and I love flying and space combat (lol).

Rank the Trek TV shows from best to worst. TNG / TOS / ENT / DSN / VOY / PIC / DSC
Rank the Trek movies from best to worst. TFF / TWOK / TVH / TUC / TSFS / FC / G / N / I / TMP / ST (2009) / ID / B
Was this too many questions? No.

Thank you very much for this wonderful opportunity to get to know you better. We now have a nice insight into the sort of Star Trek that you like. Good luck and safe voyages with the USS Sunfire.