Administrative Notes

We have a few personnel and structural changes to announce:

  • Captain Mira Rodale will relieve Captain Michael Intermeezo as Commanding Officer of the USS Chuck Norris on April 1, 2024. We want to personally thank Captain Intermeezo for the outstanding job he did during his seven months in command, which includes three posting titles so far. His superior commitment to both sim and fleet is very much appreciated! We also look forward to the bright future of this sim as we have no doubt that Captain Rodale will lead the Chuck Norris to even greater heights.
  • The following three sims will be officially decommissioned, with their final day in the fleet coming on March 31, 2024. We humbly thank their respective Commanding Officers and crews for their loyal service to the fleet. They will always be a part of our history and family.
    • USS Ganymede, commanded by Captain Dyllon McMahon since her launch in March 2020; the Ganymede won a Star Trek Gameplay award at the 2020 Tournament of Simulations (ToS)
    • Starbase 80, commanded by Captain Kathleen O’Shea since she joined the fleet in September 2020; Starbase 80 also won a Star Trek Gameplay award at the 2020 ToS
    • USS Eclipse, commanded by Captain Aven LaCroix since her launch in January 2023

We also would like to wish a happy 93rd birthday to the one and only William Shatner!

An IDF Welcome for the USS Firebird

It’s been more than a year since we last launched a new sim or welcomed an existing one into the fleet. However, that changes now: I am very proud to announce that the USS Firebird joined us earlier this month with their first official post as a member of IDF coming on February 1, 2024. The Firebird is set in the year 2396, but does not include the Picard television series timeline as the sim began before that tv show. Captain Malcom Llwyedd is the Commanding Officer.

USS FirebirdNCC-88298
Format: ProseEra: Post-Dominion War
Type: TraditionalClass: Diligent
CO: Captain Malcom LlwyeddJoin!

Welcome aboard, Captain Llwyedd and crew!

USS Chuck Norris Change of Command

As of today, Captain Michael Intermeezo has relieved Captain Aurther Winters as Commanding Officer of the USS Chuck Norris. Captain Winters concludes 36 months in command. However, his history with the Chuck Norris goes back much further. As a Lieutenant, he officially joined the sim on June 26, 2012 as Chief Engineer, and then sent his first post on June 28th. He picked up his first award, an MVP, in November of that year. He later became Executive Officer in 2014, and then Commanding Officer in 2020. Along the way, he snagged 12.5 total awards, including 4 MVPs and 3.5 Genesis awards, good for 8th place all-time. He also chaired the 2021 SciWorld Online Convention, for which he was awarded an Ongoing World Community Honor. If there’s one thing that stands out, it’s been Aurther’s loyalty to both the fleet and his sim! Aurther, best of luck with everything and we hope you don’t wander too far!

Captain Intermeezo, welcome to the command team! We know that you have what it takes to lead this wonderful and historical sim to even greater heights.

New Sim: USS Eclipse

Less than a month later and we already have another new sim joining us: the USS Eclipse officially launched on January 16, 2023. This is a brand new sim focusing on science and exploration that takes place in a post-Nemesis timeline. Take a look and consider joining today!

USS EclipseNCC-72382
Format: ProseEra: Post-Nemesis
Type: TraditionalClass: Nova
CO: Captain Aven LaCroixJoin!

Welcome to the fleet, Captain LaCroix and crew!

Welcome to the USS Churchill

We don’t often have outside sims join our fleet. However, I am very proud to announce that the USS Churchill joined us last month with their first official post as a member of IDF coming on December 23, 2022. Captain James Stewart is the Commanding Officer.

USS ChurchillNCC-86255
Format: ProseEra: Post-Dominion War
Type: TraditionalClass: Luna
CO: Captain James StewartJoin!

Welcome aboard, Captain Stewart and crew!

November Command Update

It’s hard to believe that this is our first sim change of command since February, which I think is a real testament to the stability of our fleet. My, have we come a long way since our early days of the 2000s! Anyway, one official change to announce:

  • Captain Kaylia Strenvale relieved Captain Sandy “Ghost” Shannon as Commanding Officer of the USS Liberty on November 1st. A very special thank you to Captain Shannon for her outstanding leadership commanding the USS Liberty since June 2021. You might remember that she also commanded the USS Sunfire in May 2021 and was more than a good sport about the Sunfire-Liberty sim swap. Best of luck with your future simming, Captain Shannon; and welcome to the team, Captain Strenvale!

April Fools’ 2022: Imperial Defense Fleet

With a long a illustrious history in the simming community, Independence Fleet has been a bedrock for quality Star Trek role playing for over twenty years. Although IDF’s leadership works hard to ensure our members have several games to suit their role playing needs, we also know how to have fun, and what better day to enjoy our brand of humor than on April’s Fools’ Day. For those of you who have been part of IDF for a while, you know that April Fools’ Day jokes have become a pretty big tradition around here.  We’ve done World Wide Sims, the classic 1990s simming website, and Super Space Command 3000.  Actually, we’ve done Super Space Command 3000 three different times–no one said we were original!  For those of you new to IDF this year, your introduction was our, er, rebranding where we took on a new menacing moniker.

Additionally, what we included for our humorous 2022 was the spectacular trial and banishment of our fleet CO–this is simming after all!  And then added for good measure, a good ole’ useless administrative burden for sim COs, complete with threats of facing JAG.  All in good humor, but these whimsical jokes mirror the real-life history of dozens of simming fleets (sadly including even this one at times), fleet XO Ken Gillis overthrew fleet CO Charles Star and installed Joseph “Stealth” Carroll as his JAG Magistrate…  just in case you missed it! These were all great ‘Easter eggs’ for those of you who have been around the community and witnessed some of the ludicrous events that have unfolded in past years outside of IDF.

Here are some of actual statements Admiral Star received in response to the gag:

  • “Loving this year’s prank by the way! I was hoping Super Space Command 3000 would have made a come back.”
  • “Were you kicked out of Independence fleet?” 
  •  “Are you really in trouble?”
  • “Hahaha you got me.”
  • “Let me know if you need any help.”
  • “Apparently I was fooled by Ken on April fools day. He got me good!”
  • “What happened?”
  • “I just remembered what day it is. April 1st.”

And here are a few of the quotes from our Discord server:

  • “Qapla!”
  • “Wrong Empire, but you got the spirit!”
  • Long live the Empire…”
  • “I see we have a new Grand Admiral. I guess it was going to happen eventually.”
  • “JAG got more positions [open], or just the Director?
  • “I am always looking for Inquisitors.”
  • “Long Live the new IDF Empire!! I expect sims that post less than 300 posts a month will be immediately shut down and mothballed? Right?”
  • “You had me going for a while there.”
  • “I was around IDF in 2003 when Federal Appeals Court Judge, Lance Stiffler, had ruled that due to copyright law IDF could no longer be affiliated with ‘Star Trek’ and so had to change its name to Super Space Command 3000. I can’t believe that joke is almost 20 years old now!”

Thank you again to Ken Gillis for planning and organizing this year’s joke, and a special thanks to Charles Star and Joseph “Stealth” Carroll for playing along and being great sports. On behalf of the Imperial Defense Fleet, I hope everyone else enjoyed it! I can’t wait to see what tomfoolery that is in store for 2023 and remember: “Forget the ring! The ring is bupkis! I found it in a Cracker Jack box!

Ship Reports

Edit: This post was part of the 2022 April Fools’ Day gag.

The previous administration ran a pretty loose ship. Our ships aren’t posting enough, and that’s a problem!

Effective immediately, all Commanding Officers must turn in weekly reports, directly to the admiralty. Failure to do so will result in harsh disciplinary action from the JAG.

The Trial of Charles Star

Edit: This post was part of the 2022 April Fools’ Day gag.


The Defendant, Charles Star, is charged with the following crimes:

  • Mutiny and Sedition
  • Theft of a Starship
  • Disreputable Behavior
  • Verbal Abuse
  • Unauthorized Shuttle Parking in Disabled Shuttlebay
  • Harassment
  • Discrimination
  • Sabotage of a Starship
  • False Statements
  • Dematerialization of a Beagle
  • Hacking
  • Crude Behavior
  • Terrorism

Facts of the Case

Charles Star was removed from command at 11:59 PM EST, March 31st, 2022. Charges were brought by Grand Admiral Ken Gillis.

The Defendant was contacted by carrier pigeon to appear. Since the pigeon did not arrive, the assumption was made that the Defendant was waiving his right to a trial by a tribunal and confessing to all above crimes.


Presiding over the case were Judge Advocate General Joseph Carroll, Commodore Meadows, and Admiral Satie.

By unanimous vote, the tribunal has declared Charles Star GUILTY of ALL CHARGES prescribed above.


Charles Star is hereby stripped of all rank, awards, and honors, and shall further be BANISHED from Imperial Defense Fleet for ALL TIME.