2022 Simulation Cup Winners Announced

The 2022 Simulation Cup (aka Tournament of Simulations / ToS) were finally announced yesterday, and IDF didn’t do so badly. In fact, we took home seven total awards, the most by any club in a single year going all the way back through 2008! Congratulations to the Captains and crews of the USS Sunfire, USS Washington, USS Montana, USS Wayfarer, USS Liberty, USS Chuck Norris, and the USS Eminence. Well done!

Outstanding Star Trek:

Excellent Star Trek:

Great Star Trek:

Star Trek Gameplay:

Again, a performance for the ages from all of you! Look for the 2023 tournament to be announced soon.

We’ve Gone Plaid!

If you visited our website yesterday, you probably noticed that it looked like it was straight out of 2002 (or 2001?). And you would be right! Using records from the Internet Archive, we reconstructed our Angelfire site from the days of yore using the current fleet line up, creating a mash up of then and now. The simming world was quite different back then–and so were our web development capabilities! In case you missed it, we’ve archived the 2023 retro site here.

But why now? Fast forward to April 14-16, 2011–it was exactly 12 years ago that IDF hosted the first modern SciWorld Online Convention, which incidentally was 12 years after the original SciWorld in 1999. In early 2011, the Simming League was largely dead and the community had drifted apart over the previous few years: Clubs rarely interacted with each other anymore. SciWorld 2011 changed all of that by serving as the genesis for a new era of cooperation and celebration. In addition to SciWorld, we also now also have FallFest, Khitomer, and Babel. SciWorld renewed interest in the Tournament of Simulations and the Simming Prize as well.

On a related note, a few of you have pointed out that we missed our typical April Fools’ Day joke this year. While we can’t go back in time to fix that, we hope this blast from our past was still fun nonetheless. Until next year…

Congratulations to the USS Chuck Norris

Congratulations to our very own USS Chuck Norris on winning a Squiddie award back in November:

For its noteworthy contributions to the greater simming community. Unprecedented for an individual sim, the USS Chuck Norris hosted the 2012 Simulation Cup to keep the recently returned Tournament of Simulation from again becoming a relic of history, and to date it is still the only game to sponsor a tournament. Furthermore, when host club Independence Fleet’s website went offline in 2019, the Chuck Norris crew continued to sim over email until a new fleet website came online in early 2020. Without their action, their mother fleet like so many from the earlier eras would almost certainly belong to the ages today. In addition, they won the Creativity award in the 2014 Tournament of Simulations.

For those well versed in Independence Fleet history, you might know that January 2nd is an important day for the USS Chuck Norris. For those who don’t, we have a special guest who can fill you in:

Well done, and here’s to many more years for the longest continuously active sim in its present form in the current Independence Fleet line up.

The Importance of Fleet Management in Today’s Business World

A lot has been written recently about artificial chatbot ChatGPT. The New York Times describes it as a ‘Code Red’ For Google Search. Other sites talk about its ability to potentially disrupt Hollywood, how it can write essays, and that it can even negotiate your cable bill. More worryingly, in the hands of bad actors, it can be used to generate malicious code. Since it can seemingly do so much, what can it do for role playing? I decided to put it to the test with this request:

Write a blog post to appear on idfleet.com

Here’s what we got in response:

The Importance of Fleet Management in Today’s Business World

In today’s fast-paced business world, effective fleet management is crucial for the success of any organization that relies on vehicles to operate. Fleet management refers to the process of planning, coordinating, and controlling a company’s fleet of vehicles, including cars, trucks, vans, and other types of vehicles.

One of the primary benefits of fleet management is cost savings. By properly maintaining and utilizing vehicles, companies can reduce the need for costly repairs and downtime. This can be achieved through regular maintenance, vehicle tracking, and the use of fuel-efficient vehicles.

In addition to cost savings, fleet management can also improve safety and compliance. By implementing safety protocols and tracking vehicle performance, companies can reduce the risk of accidents and ensure that their vehicles are operating in compliance with local and federal regulations.

Effective fleet management can also increase productivity and efficiency. By using real-time tracking and scheduling, companies can optimize routes and schedules, reducing the time and resources required to complete tasks.

There are many tools and technologies available to help companies manage their fleets effectively. Fleet management software can be used to track vehicle location and performance, schedule maintenance, and optimize routes. GPS tracking devices can be installed in vehicles to provide real-time location information and alert managers to any potential issues.

In summary, effective fleet management is essential for any organization that relies on vehicles to operate. By implementing cost-saving measures, improving safety and compliance, and increasing productivity and efficiency, companies can achieve significant benefits through proper fleet management.


Needless to say, I think it missed the mark! It might be due to the bot’s inability to actually visit our website. Next I asked: Can you write a scene for a new Star Trek movie?

Could this be a post? Maybe!

The scene opens on the bridge of the USS Enterprise, as the ship speeds through deep space on a mission to explore a mysterious new planet. Captain Kirk is standing at the helm, gazing out at the stars.

Suddenly, the ship is jolted by a violent explosion. The alarms start blaring and the lights flash red.

“Report!” Kirk shouts, as the crew rushes to their stations.

“We’ve been hit by an energy weapon, Captain,” says Spock, who is working at the science console. “It’s of a type we’ve never seen before.”

“Where did it come from?” Kirk demands.

“I’m not sure, sir,” Spock replies. “It seems to be coming from the planet we’re approaching.”

Kirk takes a deep breath and makes a quick decision. “Helm, take us into orbit. Mr. Sulu, arm the phasers. Mr. Chekov, scan for any other ships or weapons in the area.”

The Enterprise enters orbit around the planet and begins to scan for any signs of danger. As they search, they pick up faint readings of a highly advanced alien civilization.

Kirk looks over at Spock. “What do you make of it, Spock?”

Spock’s eyebrows lift in surprise. “It appears to be a civilization far more technologically advanced than anything we’ve ever encountered. But there are no signs of hostile intent.”

Kirk nods. “We’ll approach with caution. Mr. Sulu, set a course for the nearest city. Let’s see if we can make contact and learn more about these aliens.”

The Enterprise heads towards the city, and as they get closer, they are amazed by the towering spires and gleaming structures that stretch up into the sky. It is clear that this civilization is highly advanced and technologically sophisticated.

As they approach the city, a bright beam of light shoots out from the planet’s surface and envelops the Enterprise. Kirk and the crew brace themselves, but instead of an attack, they find themselves transported to the surface of the planet.

They are greeted by a group of friendly aliens, who introduce themselves as the Q’tahli. The Q’tahli welcome the Enterprise crew and invite them to explore their city and learn about their civilization.

Kirk and the crew are amazed by the Q’tahli’s advanced technology and benevolent nature. They spend several days learning about the Q’tahli and their way of life, and even manage to help resolve a minor crisis that had been plaguing the Q’tahli’s society.

As the Enterprise prepares to leave, Kirk thanks the Q’tahli for their hospitality and friendship. “We’ll be sure to visit again,” he says, as the Enterprise sets course for its next adventure.


While this was a fun little exercise, I think it’s safe to say that ChatGPT has a ways to go before it can start role playing! You can read more about the backstory of ChatGPT here. You can also see a similar article to this one over at Ongoing Worlds.

Wordle: Independence Fleet Style

Wordle. I don’t need to say much more as you’ve almost certainly heard of it. You’ve probably even played it! But on the outside chance that you don’t know anything about it, I’ll quote from Wikipedia:

Wordle is a web-based word game created and developed by Welsh software engineer Josh Wardle, and owned and published by The New York Times Company since 2022. Players have six attempts to guess a five-letter word, with feedback given for each guess in the form of colored tiles indicating when letters match or occupy the correct position.”

-Wikipedia entry for Wordle

I also happened to stumble upon this website that allows you to create your own Wordle games. So why not create a few for Independence Fleet? Well, here they are, 10 Wordles on words or topics related to Independence Fleet:

  1. https://mywordle.strivemath.com/?word=bzvhe
  2. https://mywordle.strivemath.com/?word=yvlfv
  3. https://mywordle.strivemath.com/?word=fodhd
  4. https://mywordle.strivemath.com/?word=odrfp
  5. https://mywordle.strivemath.com/?word=yvzhq
  6. https://mywordle.strivemath.com/?word=sfzwp
  7. https://mywordle.strivemath.com/?word=ohfuj
  8. https://mywordle.strivemath.com/?word=wkruo
  9. https://mywordle.strivemath.com/?word=aarlw
  10. https://mywordle.strivemath.com/?word=uoyrz

I’ve also created a similar article for the intersimming organization Ongoing Worlds if you’re interested. Warning: words #6 through #10 are the same on both lists. Regardless, enjoy! Or go create your own Wordle puzzles.

2021 WarGames Winners Announced

The 2021 WarGames Competition winners were announced earlier this week at Ongoing Worlds, and we are lucky enough to count three sims from within our ranks among those honored for their excellence. They are the USS Washington, USS Wayfarer, and USS Eminence. Congratulations to all three Captains and crews, and well done!

In case you were wondering, WarGames was simply a one-time rebranding of the annual Tournament of Simulations, which we have had a lot of success at over the years.

Excellent Star Trek:

Great Star Trek:

Star Trek Gameplay:

I can’t wait to see who wins for 2022. Until then, keep up all the great role playing!

October News Updates

Three quick news items for everyone:

  • Rear Admiral Bolak has resigned his position as IDF’s Director of Media due to time constraints. His last official day will be October 31st. I would like to personally thank Bolak for all of his hard work and the many contributions he has made to the fleet, especially the My Favorite Trek and Captain’s Chair interviews.
  • This year’s Simming Fall Festival will happen on November 13th. It will be hosted by our friends over at 5th Fleet. As always, we look forward to supporting 5th Fleet and engaging with the rest of the simming community at FallFest.
  • As everyone knows, we celebrated our 20th Anniversary earlier this year. What you might not know is that several other fleets also marked significant anniversary milestones in 2021. You can read more about a few of them over on the Ongoing Worlds Blog. Speaking of milestones, yesterday was the 11-year anniversary of the launch of the award-winning USS Sunfire-D.

Monthly Awards: May 2021

I hope everyone enjoyed SciWorld yesterday. It was an instant classic! Thank you to all who played a part in putting it on, including Aurther Winters, who was just awarded the Ongoing Worlds Community Honor for his efforts as Chair. Congratulations!

And now, on with the May monthly awards:

Best Post (Single Author)

Lt. Cmdr. Grexx
Chief Engineering Officer
USS Albion

For “Stop blowing holes in my ship!”

A great character introduction, and the character’s introduction to his new ship… along with its problems.

Best Post (Joint Post)

Lt. Cmdr. Estella Stratton & Cmdr. Jonathan Grayson
Chief Counselor / Executive Officer
USS Washington

For “Quiet Time”

A fantastic character development piece between the two Washington crewmembers. Well done!

Funniest Post

Capt. Shran dh’Klar & Lt. Deanna Celes & Cmdr. Jonathan Grayson & Cmdr. Samantha Howard & Lt. Cmdr. Estella Stratton & Ens. Connor Carrick 
CO / OO / XO / CMO / CC / CSO
USS Washington

For “Dealing with Duplicates”

A classic ensemble post that reads like a great sitcom episode! Hilarious!


None this month.


Lt. Cmdr. Grexx
Chief Engineering Officer
USS Albion

The Chief Engineer joined the Albion after many years away from simming. He immediately integrated himself into the story, drove the plot forward, and worked well with the crew. It’s as if he never left!

Most Posts

Lt. Bonnie “Bon-Bon” Durnell
Computer Systems Specialist
USS Liberty

For writing 12 posts.

Most Improved

Ensign James Phoenix
Tactical Officer
USS Washington

Ensign Phoenix dove into the current mission and showed an eager willingness to advance the story, both for his own character and the greater storyline.

Rookie of the Month

None this month.


None this month.

Keep up the great work, everyone, but let’s make sure we have winners in all categories for June!

SciWorld 2021

Join us this Saturday, June 12th, at 11:30 AM EDT (-4) / 4:30 pm BST (+1) for the 2021 SciWorld Online Convention. Chair Aurther Winters, Fleet XO Ken Gillis, and many others have put in a lot of hours to make this an extra special event this year. After the 11:30 opening ceremony, we have seven hours of provocative discussions, interactive trivia games, and live role playing planned.

Since we’re this year’s host, you get a sneak peak at the official opening ceremony video:

This will be the 19th SciWorld, and the third hosted by IDF. The first SciWorld was held all the way back in 1999. And just to see how far we’ve come over the years, here’s the opening video from the first modern SciWorld, which we hosted in 2011:

See you this Saturday at SciWorld XIX!

2020 ToS Winners Announced

The 2020 Tournament of Simulations (ToS) winners were announced yesterday at Ongoing Worlds. We were fortunate enough to have four of our sims listed among the 23 that won prizes.

Congratulations to the USS Wayfarer, USS Ganymede, Starbase 80, and the USS Liberty! We already knew that all of our sims are fantastic, but it’s still great to get this type of acknowledgement from the community. Well done, IDF!

Outstanding Star Trek:

Star Trek Gameplay:

Independence Fleet actually has a long history of winning at ToS. Our first awards came in 2011 with the USS Liberty and USS Sunfire. 2012 was a monster year with five winners: USS Chirikov, USS Liberty, USS Rioja, USS Sunfire, and USS Victory. We then had one winner apiece in 2013 (USS Victory) and 2014 (USS Chuck Norris).


Excellence in Creativity:


Best Star Trek sim:

USS Victory


Outstanding Star Trek Sim:

USS Chirikov

USS Victory

Excellence in Creativity:

Excellence in Character Development:

Excellence in Readability:

USS Rioja


Best Star Trek Sim:

Most Creative Sim:

Which of our sims are going to win for 2021? It’s anyone’s game!