Monthly Awards: March 2024

Best Post (Single Author)

Lieutenant Commander Shoniara T’ghann-Travis
Assistant Chief Medical Officer
USS Washington

For “Running.”


Best Post (Joint Post)

Cmdr. Mira Rodale & Lt. Cmdr. Kevin Lance & Lt. Awal Kronnelti & Lt. Tracey Walker Jr & Lt. Betaras K’ner
USS Chuck Norris

For “Bearding the Lion”

Action packed!

Funniest Post

PO1 Baris Demir & PO2 Thomas Lopt & PO2 Fhiri & Capt. Malcom Llwyedd
Q / CS / CSS / CO
USS Firebird

For “The Dregs”

Those who tick off the quartermaster end up with rusty phasers and itchy undergarments.


Captain Dick Sprague
Commanding Officer
USS Albion

For “A Fondness For”

Why is Dick climbing the mountain?


Lieutenant Commander Kevin Lance
Chief Flight Control Officer
USS Chuck Norris

What can I say, he went from being one of the USS Chuck Norris’ best writers to stepping up and taking the acting XO position to heart both in the story and leading the crew. He has since taken hold of the permanent XO position as if he has been doing it for years!

Most Posts

Commander Mira Rodale
Executive Officer
USS Chuck Norris

For writing 53 posts. Commander Rodale has since been promoted to Captain and assumed command of the USS Chuck Norris.

Most Improved

Lieutenant Inara Senn
Chief Science Officer
USS Washington

The Washington’s Science Officer continues to improve with excellent plot details and interesting ideas for all, which allows the whole crew the opportunity to participate in new and exciting ways.

Rookie of the Month

Lieutenant Imik S’Niohun
Chief Security/Tactical Officer
USS Washington

The Washington’s new Chief Tactical/Security Officer came in like a breath of fresh air and already the enabled the crew to views at things from new angles.


Commander Jonathan Grayson
Executive Officer
USS Washington

The Washington’s XO wisely directed a player to our ship who has integrated well thus far.

Admiral Ken Gillis
Chief of Technology
Independence Fleet