Monthly Awards: February 2024

Happy Ides of March, everybody!

Best Post (Single Author)

Lieutenant Steve Ryan
Chief Communications and Operations Officer
USS Montana

For “Reapacification”

Duty calls!

Best Post (Joint Post)

Capt. Malcom Llwyedd & Lt. Cmdr. Cynfor Rees & Lt. Cmdr. Jörgen Leed & Lt. Tor Ezzo & Lt. Owen Woodhouse
USS Firebird

For “This isn’t a Simulator!”

Great action and plot development!

Funniest Post

Lt. Cmdr. Deanna Celes & Lt. Inara Senn & Ens. James Phoenix
USS Washington

For “Following the Evidence”

Great writing!


Cmdr. Mashiro Munetani “Shiro” & Capt. Akeno Misaki & Lt. Cmdr. Raelyn Mckenzie & Lt. Cmdr. Mark Johnson & Lt. Ileah & Lt. Luna Eclipse of the House of Martok & Lt. Rania Bhatti & Lt. JG Patra Rommel
XO / CO / CSTO / CMO / Y / CFCO / CC / CES
USS Wayfarer

For “Revisiting the Past”

A great way to build into the mission.


Commander Mira Rodale
Executive Officer
USS Chuck Norris

The Chuck Norris’s XO continues to set the pace for the ship, even stepping up as the current CO is due to stand down. She expertly leads the ship both in and out of character and is slated to become the full-time CO next month.

Most Posts

Commander Mira Rodale
Executive Officer
USS Chuck Norris

For writing 49 posts.

Most Improved

Lieutenant Commander Thriss Kla’ren
Chief Engineering Officer
USS Sunfire

The Gunfire’s CEO made outstanding contributions during the month during the CD mini-mission that not only developed her own character but set up great opportunities for others to use as well.

Rookie of the Month

Lieutenant Commander Kataxes
Chief Medical Officer
USS Firebird

The Firebird’s new CMO jumped into simming with a radically different and unique character, and is not only pulling it off, but crushing it.


None this month.

The great posting continues!