Monthly Awards: May 2024

Best Post (Single Author)

Captain James Stewart
Commanding Officer
USS Churchill

For “Help on Its Way”

An excellent amount of back story and intrigue that left me wanting to dive deeper down that rabbit hole on this mission.

Best Post (Joint Post)

Capt. Malcom Llwyedd & Lt. Tor Ezzo & Ens. Nusien & Ens. Gianna Djokovic & PO1 Kipp Lak & PO2 Fhiri
CO / CFCO / FCO / TO / Y / CSS
USS Firebird

For “Screaming in the Silence”

Clearly written by some very talented writers who know how to do a good back and forth and flesh out their characters.

Funniest Post

Lieutenant JG James Phoenix & Lieutenant JG Kate Kono
Tactical Officer / Support Craft Pilot
USS Washington

For “Thunderstruck”

This one tickled in a very nostalgic way, however based on the nickname giving to one of the characters, I hope for a better outcome.


Captain Mira Rodale
Commanding Officer
USS Chuck Norris

For “Who let the cat out?”

Typical of a Commander Officer of the Chuck Norris, a great start to a new chapter. No bias here at all……. dismissed!


Commander Michael Murphy
Executive Officer
USS Montana

Getting high commendations from the CO about how well you can work independently of them is one of the highest praises you can receive and is well deserved in this case.

Most Posts

Lieutenant Commander Kevin Lance
Executive Officer
USS Chuck Norris

15 posts leads the way with the fleet.

Most Improved

Lieutenant JG Kate Kono
Support Craft Pilot
USS Washington

A good writer is always trying to improve as they go, and being able to be fun and entertaining is a great mix.

Rookie of the Month

2nd Lieutenant Connor McQueen
Marine Executive Officer
USS Sunfire

New to the sim and Discord, and improving with every new post, excited to see where their career continues to grow.


None this month.

Rear Admiral Aurther Winters
Director of Personnel
Independence Fleet